Toshiba Low Carb Rice Cooker

Posted: July 30, 2021
Toshiba Low Carb Rice Cooker
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Nope, the Toshiba Low Carb Rice Cooker isn't a rice cooker for low carb rice. It's even more unbelievable than that: a rice cooker that cooks normal rice into low carb rice. Impossible! you say. (Well, that's what I said, at least.)

But it's no joke, my dudes. The Toshiba Low Carb Rice Cooker is actually more science than snake oil - and simple science too. Toshiba has added a stainless steel basket to their digital kitchen gadget to catch and store "unhealthy digestive starch" from rice as it cooks. Toshiba says up to 37% of this starch will be filtered out of the rice, leaving behind a "rice soup" in the basket (which they also point out will essentially be rice sugar water, so you probably shouldn't drink it, unless you're specifically in the market for a glass of rice sugar water.)

At the same time it's extracting unhealthy starches from rice, the Low Carb Rice Cooker is somehow increasing healthy resistant starch by up to 34%. Toshiba mentions these facts and figures have been tested by the world's leading CVC verification, but I have no idea what CVC verification is except for approval of the 3 numbers on the back of my credit card for online purchases.

In addition to cooking carb-friendlier rice, the Low Carb Rice Cooker can also function as a slow cooker, steamer, and food warmer. It comes with 8 pre-programmed settings for various grains, and uses smart fuzzy logic and induction heating to make a perfect pot of starchy-but-slightly-less-so gold every time you use it.

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