Todco Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster

Posted: August 08, 2020
Todco Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster
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The Todco Roasted Garlic Express Electric Roaster: for when you need bad breath, stat!

The Roasted Garlic Express kitchen gadget cooks up whole heads of garlic for clove squeezing, spreading, and recipe incorporating in about 27 minutes. An auto shutoff feature prevents burning during the process, further upstaging the oven as preferred garlic roaster. Though not as preferred kitchen accessory, unless you love gorging on garlic more than you love having friends, or are dealing with a major vampire infestation.

Todco's Roasted Garlic Express consists of a white terracotta clay piece shaped like a garlic bulb and a heating element that cooks the garlic inside evenly without coming into direct contact with it.

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