The Whisk Wiper

Posted: November 04, 2016
The Whisk Wiper
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What is this whiskcraft I see before me? You mean worming my tongue between the wire loops and getting chocolate cake batter all over my face isn't the best way to clean off the whisk when my girlfriend is baking? Nah. Not unless whisk-licking is your definition of a good time. If you'd rather just figure out how to get all the goop off your whisk and back into your bowl, check out the Whisk Wiper.

The Whisk Wiper fits over the spherical end of any standard whisk, its star-shaped slots sliding between the utensil's metal loops, and stopping at the base of the handle. While whisking the Wiper stays put and serves as both a ledge for stationing your whisk against the edge of the bowl so it won't fall in and get quick-batter-sanded to the bottom, and as a batter catcher if you decide to invert the whisk and set it on end on the countertop.

Whisking complete, the Whisk Wiper scrapes back down along the loops, this time taking pretty much every last drop of batter with it, collecting the remnants in its purdy star shape for wiping off back into the bowl at the finish. You'll be able to use every bit of batter in your baked goods and the frosting that tops them. Without making a mess on your counter, or in your sink when you go to sponge / brush / finger-down-each-individual-loop your whisk clean. I haven't tried the Whisk Wiper myself, but I like what it's scraping together here. Simple tool, multiple solutions, happy cooks.

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