The Tomato Shark

Posted: June 10, 2019
The Tomato Shark
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Tomato Shark is here to take a big bite out of your beefsteak. Or little bites out of your multi-colored cherries. The toothy tomato corer pierces and scoops out stems, plus seeds, from the fruits (or are they vegetables again now) faster than you can say say, ketchup.

If you have experience stemming and seeding tomatoes, especially in bulk to make salsa or fresh pasta sauces, you can probably see the value in a food-specific tool like this. Tomatoes are kind of a bitch to cut. Their skin is slippery and thicker than it appears, but right behind it awaits a fleshy body ready to go Squish! under the slightest bit of extra pressure. I usually use a serrated knife to penetrate the skin better and avoid blade slides into my fingers, but these make the slicing extra clunky. Stemming the tomatoes requires either a circle cut when whole or a V-cut when they're sliced in half that's not the worst cooking task ever, but looks like it would be much easier, and more satisfying, with the jaws of a Tomato Shark.

And seeding tomatoes is the worst, so if the Tomato Shark can scrape out those slimy bastards any more efficiently, then that alone is worth the investment.

Also to diversify its applications, you can also try using the Tomato Shark to hull summer's finest strawberries without cutting off half an inch of edible berry.

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