The Sizzling Scooper for Too-Hard Ice Cream

Posted: May 17, 2022
The Sizzling Scooper for Too-Hard Ice Cream

Ice cream that's too hard to scoop might not be the most pressing problem facing the world right now, but, I mean...it is a problem. And it's a problem, unlike most of our other problems, real and existential alike, that Matty Benedetto and his Sizzling Scooper have a solution for.

The Sizzling Scooper, essentially a spoon with an integrated lighter, makes digging into your first bite of brick-frozen ice cream magnitudinally easier by melting the top few layers down a bit with a flick of the lighter's flame. Benedetto's Sizzling Scooper design provides easy access both to a push button ignition on the lighter, and to your pint of Ben & Jerry's* once the flame is lit (i.e., the spoon end neither gets in the way, nor receives the brunt of the burn.)

And if you're wondering why Benedetto didn't build the lighter into the end of the spoon's handle, rather than underneath it, I think it's because the current configuration allows for the most expedient melt-and-shovel, melt-and-shovel eating process. You know, no flipping the spoon back around before you can dig in.

*Benedetto lives in Vermont, so obviously it's Ben & Jerry's.

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