The Original Danish Dough Whisk

Posted: January 03, 2017
The Original Danish Dough Whisk
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My girlfriend showed me this Danish Dough Whisk because I spent most of yesterday bitching about winter and how I'll have nothing to do for the next 3 months but sit around and bake bread. I don't know why I said that. I don't know how to make bread dough or pizza dough or even really cookie dough from a tube of Pillsbury cookie dough. It was just the first thing to come out of my mouth. And apparently it resonated with my carboholic She-Ra: Princess of Power. Now she wants some homemade bread straight from my elbow grease, so I guess bring on the baguettes and brioche buns, and the Dough Whisk that swears it will help me make them like my grandma use to.

Or like she would have if my grandma's baking regimen consisted of anything more than dropping Eggos in the toaster.

The Danish Dough Whisk sticks its funky coiling stainless steel head inside a wooden handle. It's intended to take the place of your hands in the dough kneading process, so the former won't get tired from all that squeezing and flexing. The unique shape of the Danes' kneader is intended to keep the dough from sticking to or getting trapped inside the whisk. You can use it to mix up dough for pizza, large loaves, gluten free bread, or pastries.

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