The Food Kracker

Posted: October 19, 2016
$14.95 - $19.95
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The Food Kracker looks to be as gratifying in application as it is effective. Almost as good as when you buy a bag of ice that gets all hunked up together in the freezer, so when you want to use it you lift it really high overhead and then slam! it down on the kitchen floor to break it up. Ideally at 5 a.m. on mornings when the downstairs neighbor was playing the intro to "Wish You Were Here"...poorly...over and over again until 2 a.m.

The Food Kracker is for bulk frozen foods that put up more of a fight than ice cubes (though you could probably use it to break apart your ice in a more civil manner too) and that you're less inclined to use your floor to go after. Use the Food Kracker for ground beef, hamburger patties, chicken breasts, or packs of bacon you want to divvy up for individual or smaller servings without thawing the whole package. Use it too to speed up the defrost process, splitting giant chunks of frozen chunkage into small chunks that will thaw faster, or that you can send straight to the skillet without the layover in a bowl of water.

Food Kracker has 2 kracking options: the anodized aluminum solo splitter, whose triangular design forms a sturdy base and combat-ready top edge; and a Knife Holder, which serves as a base for stabilizing your own kitchen blade to slice and separate the frozen goods. Check out the Food Kracker video above for a demo. What it lacks in personality and colors not tinted yellow, it makes up for in getting straight to the point.

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