The Equalizer Multi-Blade Pizza Cutter

Posted: February 24, 2019
The Equalizer Multi-Blade Pizza Cutter
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The...EQUALIZER! On the one hand, the name sounds kinda extreme for a pizza cutter, but on the other, this is pizza we're talking about here. Disagreements have been had, conflicts have broken out, wars have been fought for far less.

Lloyd Pans' Equalizer is a multi-blade rocking knife designed to divvy up pizzas into perfectly proportionate slices. So there's no argument about who got 3 dollars' worth of a $2 slice and whose piece was sized at no more than a buck.

Lloyd Pans makes the Equalizer explicitly for commercial use, and really, who has enough need for one at home to merit finding the space and taking the safety precautions needed to store an 18 gauge stainless steel wheel with knife blade spokes? If you really want one, though, Amazon won't stop you. Shown here is The Equalizer in its 16" / 8-slice cutter size. Lloyd Pans makes several other sizes of Equalizer, with various slice counts, as well.

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