The Easy Fermenter Starter Kit

Posted: September 10, 2020
The Easy Fermenter Starter Kit
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The Easy Fermenter Starter Kit reminds me of how I could eat kimchi by the jar. And sauerkraut. And I would too if my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, didn't at best crinkle her nose, and at worst make gagging sounds and shouted commands to, Get that pubescent teenager feet-smelling shit out of here! every time I bring some home and open it up.

I'm guessing fermenting my own cabbage with a system of lids, weights, a vacuum pump, and mason jars isn't going to go over much better.

The Easy Fermenter Starter Kit lids all have waterless airlock valves that allow carbon dioxide to escape, but prevent oxygen, mold, and bacteria from infiltrating your growing colony of bacteria and vegetables. The included weights ensure veggies stay submerged in their brine, and have thick grooves built in to facilitate placing them in and retrieving them from the mason jars.

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