The Butter Mill

Posted: February 26, 2015
The Butter Mill
  • The Butter Mill

Stop the bread massacre! Instead of putting holes in your toast and sandwiches, save your sourdough's texture and integrity by putting the holes in your butter dispenser instead. With its top surface covered in tiny, sharp circular punctures Butter Mill will cut and cut to shreds your delicious, cold, makes-everything-better butter so you can spread it on breads and crackers without destroying them in the process.

Store entire sticks of fresh butter refrigerated in the Cooks Innovations Butter Mill and when you're ready to spread, instead of going for the slice, go in for a few twists of the mill. And behold: your cold butter grates into soft butter so that your knife will be able to slather its intended target rather than hack it up.

The Butter Mill makes butter application easier for veggies and corn on the cob too. Butter lovers can also insert honey butter or garlic-infused butter or whatever other bovine fat concoction they can come up with into the Butter Mill for safekeeping and later smooth spreading.

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