Temperature-Controlled Electric Kettle

Posted: April 06, 2017
Temperature-Controlled Electric Kettle
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Just like you prefer some coffees and teas over others, coffees and teas prefer some temperatures of hot water over others. Taking the ease and efficiency of using an electric kettle to heat water one step further, the Precision Temp digital electric kettle also comes with preset temperature settings, giving you control over the exact number of degrees you want to add to your tap water to make it the perfect hotness for your hot drink.

The kettle's handle has 6 heat options:

  • 160 degrees F for delicate teas;
  • 175 degrees F for green tea;
  • 185 degrees F for white tea;
  • 190 degrees F for oolong tea;
  • 200 degrees F for French press coffee;
  • 212 degrees F for an all-out boil, appropriate for black tea, instant cocoa, oatmeal, and noodles.

Noodles! I thought I was the one who discovered this electric kettle application. I'm not much of a cook, but I have a mean hand when it comes to dropping pasta in boiling water. I am also incredibly impatient. Do you know how much faster it is to boil your water in an electric kettle, and then dump it in your pasta pot on the stove? Way, way faster.

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