Tatanka Custom Handmade Kitchen Knife Set

Posted: September 11, 2018
Custom Handmade Culinary Knife Set
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If you're buying these Tatanka Custom Kitchen Knives as a gift, I hope their recipient appreciates the effort and skill knife maker Tom Nelson is going to put into collaborating with you, and handcrafting a set of culinary cutlery like no other in existence.

I also hope this recipient appreciates that you just spent over $1,400 with shipping on a custom handmade kitchen knife set. And makes you a nice fillet mignon and butterflied shrimp dinner with a side of rack of lamb. Every week for the next year. At least that way the Tatanka knives wouldn't just be a most generous gift for the kitchen, they'd also produce a decent ROI.

Nelson says when you order any Tatanka knife he will personally design, anneal, normalize, heat treat, and temper it. He primarily uses the stock removal knife making method, with some forging as well. The Custom Kitchen Knife Set will include blades (and a couple tines) made from W2 steel. Handle and pin material are your choice.

Included culinary tools in the set are: 7-1/2" blade / 12-1/2" overall chef's knife; 6" / 11" cleaver; 8" x 13-1/2" carver; and 12-3/4" fork.

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