Taco Toaster Taco Shell Makers

Posted: April 06, 2020
Taco Toaster Taco Shell Makers
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The Taco Toaster! Here to save us from the horrible taco shell shortage we've been experiencing! It's a pair of dashing red tortilla shapers that slip right into your home toaster to turn your store-bought (or homemade) soft corn or flour discs into crispy, stuffing- and topping-ready taco shells. No frying, no oil, no mess required.

What's that? We're not in the midst of a horrible taco shell shortage? I got taco shells confused with toilet paper and disinfectants? Dang. I hate it when I do that.

But if you're a taco fiend, and feeling a little forlorn about the lack of Taco Tuesday options during quarantine, the Taco Toaster can still provide a valuable service. Trade the crumbly, stale packs of Ortega and Old El Paso for these funky, foot-lookin' toaster tools that make easy work of forming fresh, hot, cruncherrific taco shells to order. Each Taco Toaster is 5-1/8" long x 3/4" wide x 6-1/2" tall, and fits most toaster slots.

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