Taco Bar Serving Platter

Posted: December 18, 2017
Taco Bar Serving Platter
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I was just thinking about fitness. ... Fit'ness XL plate of tacos I got for lunch in my mouth! Wish I had a Taco Bar serving dish filled with salsa and jalapenos and sour cream instead of the 3 puny little plastic cups they tossed in my bag at TacocaT. Though a little cutesy and gift for your girlfriend-y, Mud Pie's ceramic Taco Bar server brings a whole buffet of toppings to the dinner table, without leaving you with a whole buffet of dishes to clean.

The round dish is divided into 6 compartments: 3 larger segments at the perimeter for cheese, lettuce, and "nacho ordinary topping"; 2 smaller segments for tomato and sour cream; and one round "Let's taco 'bout it" center container for street taco-size tortillas. The 2-piece set also comes with a "Top it off" stamped silver-plated spoon.

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