Sushi Stackers Kit

Posted: April 07, 2018
Sushi Stackers Kit
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This Sushi Stackers Kit endeavors to teach brave souls "the art of elevated sushi." I call them brave souls because, uh, isn't just cutting a piece of sushi-grade fish a skill it takes chefs hours of practice to master? And I myself can't even make a decent batch of rice, so the thought of discovering my "inner sushi artist" seems like a fat chance.

On the upshot, if you're not able, or not interested in stacking tuna and avocado into a tower worthy of the MoMA, the Sushi Stackers Kit to built layered cylinders, cubes, and pyramids of whatever foods you like. I'm thinking a festive display of fudge brownie, Fruity Pebbles, mint chip ice cream, and a sprinkling of pork rinds is in order.

The sushi stackers kit comes with the 3 molds shown above, plus a link to an e-book of recipes.

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