Stop Stuffing Your Face Dishes

Posted: January 07, 2012
Stop Stuffing Your Face Dishes
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Since weight loss is 80% diet, we tend to rely on the voices inside our heads to convince us to reel in the Doritos-crusted mac 'n' cheese and bacon chocolate chip ice cream consumption. Well, it seems those voices have struck a product deal. Now you can have the niggling internal guilt that persuades you to stop eating splayed in macrocosm across the dishes spotlighting your gluttonous impulses, either reinforcing your New Year's resolutions, or invoking your rage for making them. Think of the dinner plate as your personal, ceramic Jillian Michaels, and the cereal bowl as that Bob guy who cries all the time, and you'll tough love your way to Biggest Loser status before 2012 hits puberty. Or just purchase a set as an anonymous gift for the fat ass coworker who leaves Cinnabon frosting and fried chicken fingerprints on the copy machine.

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