Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

Posted: June 12, 2014
Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block
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What person on the planet...no...in galaxies both near and far, far away is not going to want a Star Wars X-wing knife block? Kids, geeks, chefs, home cooks, people who like knives, people who like food.... Admittedly, the kitchen blade holster's design isn't an exact replica of the Lucasfilm starfighter it represents, but you have to cut this X-wing portrayal some slack. It does, after all, have to be shaped to house actual knives and configured to consume no more than a standard knife block amount of room on countertops (in this case a 9.8" base and 13.4" length with knives inserted.)

Its creators have also managed to keep the block's aesthetics pretty minimal and non-geeky/horrendously tacky. So if you're the person who wants the Star Wars X-wing knife block, but not the person who does one single lick of the cooking in your household, this point may give you some leverage when arguing for its purchase and proud display. You'll have a few weeks to wage your battle, too. At printing, X-wing knife blocks were available for pre-order from The Fowndry, with the first stock of galactic slicers and dicers shipping mid- to late-August 2014.

The Star Wars X-Wing knife block set includes the chrome-effect plastic knife holder and 5 stainless steel knives with chrome finishes. Knife styles are:

  • Cook's knife, 13"
  • Bread knife, 12.5"
  • Carving knife: 12.8"
  • Utility knife, 9.25"
  • Paring knife, 7.7"

The Star Wars X-Wing knife block is a top Dude Gift for a Geek and Gift for the Kitchen pick.

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