Speciale Rotating Knife

Posted: October 12, 2018
$75 - $120
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Chop an onion with one hand and look mighty fine doing it! The Speciale knife puts an interesting twist - or rather, rotation - on the kitchen blade. The chef's knife comes with a rotating brass pin you can screw into (and take back out of) any wood cutting board. An extension with a circular cutout at the end of the knife then attaches to the pin, securing it for stable rotational use during food prep, as well as creating a nifty way to serve cheeses, breads, and other cut-to-munch foods when you're entertaining.

You can also use the Speciale knife detached from its swivel, in the old fashioned way. The blade is made of Japanese steel that's been bead blast finished and hand hammered to give it a unique and, according to Sepciale, enduring look. They say the knife will retain its sharpness and "brilliance" for years. Blade length is 17.5 cm (about 7") and the cutting angle is 15 degrees on each side of the knife.

Speciale handles will be available in a choice of Pakka or Olive wood.

Attached to its brass swivel, the Speciale spins 360 degrees around a cutting board, with full up-down range of motion, but no more chance of slipping during use. The swivel itself looks relatively easy to install with a few screws, presuming you've got a cutting board you don't mind puncturing. Once the swivel is in place the Speciale screws into / out of it with a central piece of hardware.

The Speciale rotating knife is up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter through November 25, 2018.

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