Soy Sauce Sprayer

Posted: February 25, 2018
Soy Sauce Sprayer
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Use Chef'n's new Soy Sauce Sprayer to season your meat and sushi, add an even coating of savory, salty goodness to your eggs, or refresh your face with a fine umami mist when your skin gets parched. It might be the best food (and skincare!) gadget to hit the scene since the biem stick butter sprayer.

The Soy Sauce Sprayer doesn't stop at fine functionality either - the vessel itself has a sweet curvy design that starts out like a bowling pin, but finishes in a spherical base. The white lacquered top two-thirds of the mister also contrasts nicely with its transparent bottom, which reveals the deep chocolatey brown of the soy sauce when filled.

A button on top of the dispenser releases a fine, even soy sauce mist when pressed. Some say it will help you reduce your sodium intake, psssh!-ing out just enough soy sauce to add flavor. But that's only if you spray it once or twice. I'd douse my own food with a good 15, 16 squirts, since my motivation wouldn't be healthful eating, but getting a perfect layer of soy sauce on every square inch of my food so I don't have to dunk it in a soy sauce puddle, or live with the patchy distribution of seasoning caused by traditional dispensers that pour in a stream.

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