Snap-On Can Strainer

Posted: October 29, 2013
Snap-On Can Strainer
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No jokes, no sarcasm, this snap-on can strainer is just a good idea, plan and simple. Do you know how sick I am of getting tuna juice all up in my cuticles when I squeeze out a can for lunch? A colander? Ha! The idea of schlepping a whole colander to work sounds about as appealing as eating any one of those circa 1956 canned goods included in the snap-on can strainer's marketing photos. Fruit cocktail depicting whole pieces of fruit on its label? Sure, it's a nostalgic nod to the days that that, as opposed to sugar and artificial flavorings gelatinized in a lab, comprised the can's contents, but I think I'd rather eat genetically modified fake food than real food that's been around since my grandma was toothless the first time. Strain that olden days crap for the olden days folks in the nursing home. They won't notice, they'll love it. I bet you can even mix all the cans together. Fruit chunks, corn, olives, and La Choy. Mmmm, exotic stew.

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