Skalpel Steak Knife

Posted: February 20, 2018
Skalpel Steak Knife
$165 - $154
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Skalpel is a steak knife designed to be as beautiful and satisfying as the meat you use it to cut. The more imaginative might also appreciate the Skalpel metaphor of diner as doctor, a professional eater making precise incisions and slices to surgically remove tasty morsels in the most palatable of bites.

The more cynical on the other hand (ahem, vegetarians) might compare the Skalpel steak knife to a coroner's tool, the means of carving up and chowing down on a cadaver.

Me though, I'm definitely down for becoming a steak surgeon. Nurse, waiter, Mama, someone! hand me a Skalpel. I'm ready to operate on the tenderloin.

Master knife maker Stuart Mitchell didn't just come up with the idea for the Skalpel steak knife, to date he has handmade every one of them in his workshop in Sheffield, England. Currently running the knife as a Kickstarter campaign, Mitchell plans to continue the tradition by limiting orders to 100 per month. If you decide to back his project, you'll pledge by calendar month, first come first served.

In addition to its aesthetics, Mitchell makes Skalpels to hold ergonomically. They're forged from a single piece of laser cut, 8mm thick stainless steel - high carbon and, of course, surgical grade. Total weight is 120 grams (about 4.2 ounces) with a 58mm (2.3") blade edge. Total length, butt to tip, is 6.1".

Mitchell deliberately finished the Skalpel with a smooth rather than serrated edge because, "Serrated is overrated." He says his steak knife is as functional as it is darkly stylish, with a super sharp blade that won't tear at the fibers of your meat as other knives do.

Those interested in trying their hand at steak surgery can pledge for a Skalpel through March 20, 2018.

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