Shark Sushi Plate

Posted: August 26, 2016
Shark Sushi Plate
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Dunk a piece of your Caterpillar Roll in this sushi plate's wasabi & soy sauce reservoir and you might not get it back. Might be the last you see of your chopsticks...and your fingers...too.

Avigayil Reches hand makes each of her Shark Sushi Plates out of clay pressed into a plaster mold she also crafted herself. You can check out her entire process if you're interested here. She also signs and numbers every one before drying, firing, and glazing them to finish.

Shark Sushi plates are 12-1/2" long x 6" wide, and their toothy centerpieces rise 4" tall. If you're not as into raw fish as Jaws is, Reches suggests using the plate for chips and guac, veggies and hummus, or buffalo wings and dipping sauce instead.

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