ScooperDuper Folding Bench Scraper

Posted: May 24, 2022
ScooperDuper Folding Bench Scraper
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Make your food prep ScooperDuper neat and ScooperDuper easy to transfer to your pot, skillet, or bowl with Dandy's ScooperDuper folding bench scraper.

I know "ScooperDuper" sounds like a tool for picking up dog poo, and I agree a better name is out there - specifically, one that gives more of an indication of what this kitchen tool does. Or that it's a kitchen tool at all. But branding misstep aside, what a swell little cooking companion, especially for those of my ilk, whom my wife likes to call "enormous slobs who can't peel a banana without destroying the kitchen."

The ScooperDuper scraper slides under prepped ingredients, collecting them inside its 4.5" x 7" surface area, and then holds them in place while you carry them from your cutting board to their final destination. Upon arrival, press a thumb into the ScooperDuper handle's squishy gray center to fold the scraper into a funnel, and keep the ingredient transfer as smooth as the trip over.

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