Rugboard Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Posted: September 06, 2023
Rugboard Tempered Glass Cutting Board
$14.99 - $19.90
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You know I have to say it: the Rugboard will really tie your meals together. ... Or at least encourage your guests to pee on them. While not specifically a nod to The Big Lebowski like The Dude's Rug Cutting Board, no one who knows the cult classic, or has spent any time with The Dude that is I, will look at the Rugboard and not think of The Dude that is Jeffrey Lebowski.

And for those not familiar with the film (i.e., people under 30 and your mom) the Rugboard's fetching appearance and versatility in the kitchen still make the tempered glass cutting board a great gift for your girlfriend under 30 and your mom.

Rugboards come in 2 sizes and Persian-themed styles, a red-and-yellow patterned larger board measuring 14.4" x 9.6", and a smaller version in blue tones measuring 11" x 7.4". Both are 0.19" thick and suitable for cutting food, serving apps such as cheese and charcuterie, and acting as a trivet for hot dishes.

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