re:Mix Use-Your-Own-Jars Sustainable Blender

Posted: May 18, 2022
$210 - $263
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The re:Mix blender is here to add "blender container" to the long list of ways my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, has come up with to use mason jars. The use-your-own-jars blender's clever integration of them might even knock off one of her current fave mason jar applications, which include: protein shake shaker; makeup brush holder; and DIY smash room, in combination with our complex's commercial-size recycling dumpster in the parking garage.

Designed and made by two eco-conscious buddies in Berlin, the re:Mix is a sustainable kitchen mixer whose blender blade screws into the tops of various threaded glass jars you already have at home. In addition to any size mason jar, this includes jam jars, sauce jars, fruit jars, and presumably most other jarred goods you buy at the grocery store. This way, you can choose the size jar you need for specific blending, grinding, and mixing tasks, as well as do multiple blends without cleaning out the single blender container after each one. Plus, you'll never have to go internet-scrounging for a replacement blender container if one breaks or otherwise becomes unusable.

Adding to the sustainability of the re:Mix is its Le Pave outer casing construction. Le Pave is a French material made of 100% recycled plastic. Its sheets are made by shredding, melting down, and then pressing old plastics; re:Mix takes the sheets and cuts them to size to create the blender's base facade. As you can see in the images and video, Le Pave sheets can be colorful and patterned, and a fun and funky gift for your kitchen. re:Mix Blenders will be available in 6 different casing choices.

The re:Mix is also intended to last for years, thanks to a repairable and modular design that enables owners to open the base and easily fix or replace its parts. The company provides instructional videos for these processes.

If you want to learn more, or get your blending hands on, a re:Mix, check out the mixer's Kickstarter campaign through June 16, 2022.

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