Refrigerator Door Lock

Posted: April 30, 2019
Refrigerator Door Lock
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I like how the people who sell this refrigerator lock advertise it as a good way to secure sensitive medications or other restricted items, especially in public places like schools and hospitals, but every person who's actually bought and used one just goes on about how great it is for keeping kids / co-workers / pudgy, pie-loving husbands out of the fridge. True, the lock looks like it will work only on top and bottom freezer refrigerators, or the mini fridge at work (!), but that still covers a lot of the refrigerators that are out there. And those who have major problems with food thieves or Ambien-popping sleep eaters might consider the possibility of safely locking up their provisions, and stopping the problem cold, worth the investment in a new, lock-friendly fridge.

The refrigerator lock consists of two flat, 3.2" metal discs with 3M VHB adhesive tape backing. Stick one to the fridge or freezer door and the other around the corner, on the side of the appliance. A flexible steel aircraft cable connects the discs to keep locked doors shut, and a simple key lock in the center gives the warden in control the ability to detach it for access.

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