Raptor Rippers - Dinosaur Meat Claws

Posted: February 20, 2020
Raptor Rippers - Dinosaur Meat Claws
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You can also use the Raptor Rippers, dinosaur-themed versions of meat-shredding kitchen claws, to "easily lift and transport a whole chicken, turkey, or brisket." ... To your mouth. ... Still alive! Rrraaawwwrr!

Raptor Rippers give humans powers our mere hands cannot. Leave the measly tongs and pathetic forks in their utensil holder as you fuse your limbs with the ergonomic handles and treacherous green claws of the Rippers, and then get to tearing through beef and pork, and scooping up fat roasted birds all like T-Rex with a pair of grabbers, roaring, What now bitch?!

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