Rapid Mac Cooker

Posted: February 26, 2019
Rapid Mac Cooker
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The fastness of Kraft Mac & Cheese isn't fast enough for the Rapid Mac Cooker. Because it no longer suffices to be just fast. No more just fast, pasta and processed cheese powder! You must be rapid! And the Rapid Mac Cooker is going to take your 20 minutes on the stovetop and turn int into 5 minutes in the microwave and show you exactly what superlative speed is.

An As Seen on TV product, the Rapid Mac Cooker is basically a silicone pan that boils pasta in the microwave. You add water to a fill line, dump in your noodles, and nuke the dish for 3 minutes. Take it out, stir, put back in for 2-1/2 more. Then add the cheesy packet contents and mix in for near-instant mac.

I'm sure you could find a container to DIY a version of the Rapid Mac Cooker, but it's pretty cheap on its own, so 6 one, half dozen the other on paying a couple bucks more versus spending a couple bucks' worth of your time hunting down a comparable container.

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