Prepdeck Meal Prep Kit with Storage & Cutting Board

Posted: February 11, 2021
Prepdeck Meal Prep Kit with Storage & Cutting Board
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Wow, this Prepdeck meal prep kit, with all its little food storage containers, kitchen tools, and cutting board looks super duper handy for anyone cooking a meal! And super duper crappy for anyone doing the dishes after eating the meal!

15 BPA-free Prepdeck food prep containers for your slices, dices, and cubes.

8 different food preparation tools, including a juicer, peeler, and garlic grater.

A 13" trash bin for food scraps, twist ties, and those slime-covered rubber bands they wrap around fresh herbs.

A 21.4" x 12" foldout cutting board.

In total, over 45 different storage compartments and implements with surfaces and crevices to gunk up with food juice and meat goo that will then have to be meticulously washed when you're done!

Well, the good news is the Prepdeck meal prep kit is dishwasher safe. Top rack only though.

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