Pot Minder Boil-Over Prevention Disc

Posted: January 18, 2015
Pot Minder Boil-Over Prevention Disc
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Isn't half the fun of cooking making a ginormous mess? And then spending hours you could be eating your Beef & Fritos Enchiladas cleaning up the kitchen afterward? Hmmm...maybe not so much. One of the top culinary offenses in my opinion is the boil over. The pot of water/soup/oatmeal that's supposed to "simmer gently" but somehow ends up erupting like an overeager infant who chugged too much teat juice. All. Over. The stovetop. No, correction: all over every crevice of the stovetop, especially inside and underneath every burner part that's impossible to access and clean.

The JBK Pot Minder is a ceramic disc with a jolly chef imprint designed to prevent nasty boil overs. Before a pot's contents begin to boil at all, the Minder begins to "chatter" at the bottom to alert you if you've left the room or are busy sorting Skittles and getting rid of all the disgusting yellow ones. And even if you don't get the heat adjusted in time, the disc can modify the formation, size, and number of uprising bubbles, and assist in preventing the dreaded overflow.

The JBK Pot Minder is food safe and can be used over and over.

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