PODMKR - Grind Your Own Reusable Coffee Pods

Posted: September 29, 2022
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PODMKR endvrs to make sngl-use coffee pds and cpsuls a thng of the pst. The whole bean grinding system comes with 3 reusable stainless steel coffee pods you can fill and fit into most single-serve coffee makers, and then fill and fit into them again 10 minutes later when you realize one cup wasn't nearly enough to beat the 3pm sleepies.

Develope by Daniel Kalliontzis, who also brought us the nifty Avoseedo, PODMKR is an eco-conscious, and seemingly easy, solution to the waste created by single-use coffee capsule plastics and other packaging. Given the current climate (change) of the world, I'm kind of surprised this isn't the new standard. The recently released CoffeeB globe coffee ball system solves the same problem, but requires purchasing a new and proprietary coffee maker, along with the specialized coffee balls, from a single company.

PODMKR consists of a grinder designed to fill its reusable pods, and the stainless steel pods themselves, which are compatible with your choice of Keurig, Keurig Supreme Plus, Nespresso, Nespresso Virtuo, or Dolce Gusto machines. Sure, doing the bean grinds and capsule fills in the PODMKR is going to take you a couple of extra steps to get your brew on in the morning, but your resultant coffee will probably be fresher, and definitely more customized to your tastes.

The PODMKR grinder does come with multiple memory buttons, so each person in your household can program their preferred grind, or if you use more than one pod machine, you can program the PODMKR for different types of capsule fills.

At printing, the PODMKR and its reusable coffee pods were available for preorder here on IndieGoGo.

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