Pizzarette - Raclette-Style Pizza Oven

Posted: January 19, 2017
Pizzarette - Raclette-Style Pizza Oven
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When it comes to big hoggy hogs who hog food pizza's the worst. There is no accountability or slice management in large groups, people routinely lie about how much they've had, and then. Then you have the rude dudes like my friend Cornelius who take, like, half a sausage & pepperoni deep dish on their first walk-through, forcing everyone else to "politely" dive in to get just one, and...see, the best way to eat pizza is for everyone to get their own pizza. And it's in that spirit--and, uh, I guess the spirit of communal eating and bonding over food--that the Pizzarrette raclette-style countertop pizza oven came about.

Its European makers (or at least their American marketing and PR people) call the Pizzarrette "The World's Funnest Pizza Oven." A terra cotta dome sits over a pizza stone to form the Pizzarrette's heat-absorbing and -trapping foundation, while dual electric heating elements cook toppings and crust from both above and below. The oven takes about 5 minutes to preheat, and then another 5 to 7 minutes to cook pies.

Individual pies with your name, and only your name, written all over them. Like the raclette method, diners share the Pizzarrette over, but get their own angled paddles and designated archways for inserting and removing pizzas to cook tableside. Space allows for dough roughs just a little bigger than palm-sized, which on the one hand means more work because you'll have to make at least 7 or 8 mini pizzas before your belly is happy, but on the other hand means more fun because you'll get to try 7 or 8 different topping combos too.

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