Pizza Pan & Skillet Gripper

Posted: March 29, 2022
Pizza Pan & Skillet Gripper
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Open wide, and get ready for a big bite of...cast iron. Or maybe it's aluminum on the menu for you tonight, pizza pan and skillet gripper. Made by Chef Pomodoro, the Pizza Pan Gripper is a wrench-style tool made to help prevent burns and butter fingers misadventures when moving, picking up, or otherwise handling hot cookware.

The 8" Pizza Pan Gripper is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum, and features ergonomic finger grooves for a firm grip, and a jaw that opens up to 1.25" to take hold of a multitude of different skillet and pan styles, as well as oven racks. The tool's integrated spring-loaded clasp ensures it maintains a tight and steady grip on its target. A great gift for the kitchen, or Father's Day gift for the grillin' dad.

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