Pewter Rowboat Salt Cellar

Posted: December 02, 2020
Pewter Row Boat Salt & Pepper Cellar
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Row, row, row your boat / gently towards the stew / Add a paddle of salt, a paddle of herbs / Seasoning's the key to good food! And this handsome pewter Divided Rowboat Salt Cellar could be the key to your search for the perfect kitchen gift for the chef or foodie on your holiday list this year.

The pewter boat comes with the pictured paddle-shaped spoons, which hook into oarlocks for safekeeping (i.e., reduction of likelihood they'll be tossed in a drawer or knocked into the slash of space between the stove and the countertop) when not in use. Like most sailors, this rowboat likes it salty, with split chambers to hold your fine kosher granules on one side, and finishing flaky Maldon or chunky sea salt on the other. Or use the pewter cellar for other herbs and spices, or fill it with sugar and add the rowboat to your nautical tea set.

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