Periodic Table Cutting Boards

Posted: April 04, 2013
Periodic Table Cutting Boards
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From chemistry class I remember something about diatomic elements and noble gases, but mostly I remember that my teacher wore a tie-dyed lab coat and I could always see this one girl's lacy bras when she would bend over the beakers and petri dishes during experiments. I do enjoy looking at the periodic table though, and when I look at Gerald and Summer's periodic table cutting boards, it conjures images of the girl with the lacy bras leaning over one of them to slice an avocado or something, which is even better than adding a catalyst to peroxide and soap mixtures* because in addition to making me kind of uncomfortable in a good way she would also be making me food.

Cutting boards are all engraved in detail with element symbols, atomic mass, name, and number, yet remain fully functional for kitchen use. The "I use this cutting board periodically" header is optional, but will obviously be an option selected by all as it's hilarious. Gerald and Summer also throw in a bonus 118th square for buyers to customize as a self-designed element. Note: Those who lack this basic level of creativity will receive the placeholder Ununoctium.

If the entire periodic table is too much for you to fathom while prep cooking, cutting boards also come in element combinations that spell words, such as "BaCoN", "COOK", and "CHOP".

Board dimensions are 12" x 16", and all designs are available in maple, white oak, beech, and walnut.

*Elephant toothpaste!

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