PB-JIFE - The Ultimate Peanut Butter Knife

Posted: July 03, 2020
PB-JIFE - The Ultimate Peanut Butter Knife
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Peanut butter fans, you may not be living your best PB life if you don't yet have a PB-JIFE. This long-armed spreader is designed to do all the dirty work in and around your peanut butter jars - stir, scoop, scrape, and spread - without nuttering up your knuckles or sloshing separated oil onto the countertop. PB-JIFE can tackle the contents of all jar shapes and sizes, even the big boys from Costco. No fear, and no nut allergies here!

In addition to its extra-long blade, the PB-JIFE has a wider span than a regular knife to better hold big blogs of butter during scooping and transfer. Its rounded tip is made to match the radius of common jars so no nut is left behind on the edges and bottom when you get to the last remaining bits.

While self-described as "the ultimate peanut butter knife," you can also use the PB-JIFE with other nut butters, spreads, and sticky jar stuff, including Nutella, jam, coconut oil, and mayonnaise.

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