PanWaffle - Hybrid Pancake/Waffle Maker

Posted: January 21, 2018
PanWaffle - Hybrid Pancake/Waffle Maker
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Pancake + Waffle = PanWaffle. If you're being unimaginative. I can think of so many better names for this hybrid pan ready to griddle me 2 delicious breakfast staples in one. Like, Have Your Pancake and Waffle It Down Too. Or Flapjack Up Your Waffle. Or Pwaffke.

Alright. I guess PanWaffle's fine.

The PanWaffle griddle presses, molds, and turns out the best of a fluffy, smooth pancake, and a crisp, syrup-corralling waffle in a single batch. Never again will you have to cap off your raging Saturday night with the excruciating Sunday morning decision of whether to feed your hangover pancakes or waffles.

The PanWaffle pan is non-stick and fitted with stay-cool handles for cooking that won't make a mess of your kitchen or your hands and arms. It also comes apart for easy fitting and cleaning in the dishwasher. The PanWaffle pan is suitable for all types for stovetop, including electric, gas, and ceramic.

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