Ordine Wall-Mounted Induction Cooktop

Posted: September 03, 2019
Ordine Wall-Mounted Induction Cooktop

Adriano Design goes way out of the Ordine-ary with this wall-mounted induction cooktop, a piece they developed for Italian kitchen hood and range manufacturer Fabita. An elegant, modern aesthetic and space-saving installation technique make Ordine a standout addition to small kitchens without a lot of spare countertop area, plus those that don't need a full stovetop, just a couple sexy burners to fry eggs, reheat leftovers, and make simple dinners every now and then.

Ordine burners use induction heating, which means they cook faster while maintaining lower temperatures that won't burn your food. They're also typically safer than electric or gas models, since they don't use and open flame, retain little residual heat after you turn them off. In other words, induction heating is an ideal - and perhaps the only - heat choice for a wall-mounted cooktop whose burners hang up like cooking utensils.

The Ordine burner controls remain on the wall, and appear to be touch-controlled and LED-lit, built into a handsome wood-faced block.

Ordine cooktops do not appear to be in production quite yet, but you can track their progress through Fabita. Or just purchase one of the portable induction cooktops already available.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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