One-Touch Automatic Cake Mixer & Baker

Posted: December 22, 2017
One-Touch Automatic Cake Mixer & Baker
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Auto-Tune, Auto-Correct, and now, Auto-Cake! The best auto of them all! Gourmia says its Cake Maker Pro is an automatic cake baker that will both mix up your bundt or devil's food ingredients, and then cook them to "yummy perfection." Your only tasks in the process are to pour in the goods and select the type of cake you're aiming to bake on the robotic pastry chef's front touchpad.

All Cake Maker Pro cakes come out in a decorative bundt-like style formed within its 8" removable mold. In addition to cakes, you can also use the auto-baker to create cinnamon rolls, sweet breads and muffins, and - whoa, non sequitur - yogurt and stir fries.

The numbered key on the top of the Cake Maker Pro refelcts the control panel setting you'll select based on the type of cake (or non-cake) you're making. You can also specify doneness with Light, Medium, or Dark bottom settings.

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