NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone

Posted: May 20, 2017
NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone
$69.95 - $99.95
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It's conductivity, baby! NerdChef makes their pizza stones out of unbreakable, bead-blasted-and-sanded-smooth steel not to match their abs, but because the material can replicate the conditions you'd typically need a 700- to 1000-degree wood-fired oven to achieve. You know, conditions that produce toothsome Neapolitan crusts of outer bubbles and crunch transitioning with Ryan Gosling smoothness into chewy, gluten-glorious inner dough. Able to transfer heat energy 20 times faster than ceramic, NerdChef says its Steel Pizza Stones will be the best you've ever had and the last you'll ever need.

Steel Stones come in 0.25" Standard, 0.375" Pro and 0.5" Ultimate thicknesses. Get ready for some heavy lifting too - their weights are 16, 23, and 32 pounds. Stones are made in the USA from solid premium steel, and guaranteed for life. Initially seasoned with organic flaxseed oil, NerdChef says repeated use will darken their patina, and "burnt cheese and spilled tomato sauce will give [them] character."

The steel's conductivity also applies to cold temperatures. You can stick a stone in the freezer for later use as a chilled presentation dish. Or put some dry ice underneath one and use it to make ice cream on top. That sounds frikkin' awesome. Word to the Nerds.

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