Naughty Cookie Cutters

Posted: December 08, 2013
Naughty Cookie Cutters
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These are disgusting. A perversion of gingerbread men, and a perversion of the spirit of Christmas!

Or are they? Seems to me the holidays have become at least in part about asking people if they've been naughty or nice. For the ones who claim naughtiness...or for the ones who claim niceness but are obviously lying...a set of sexy cookie cutters could be the perfect gift. And especially the perfect Secret Santa gift because you'll never have to claim ownership of the tasteless purveyors of tasty treats.

Or get a set for yourself, anonymously leave the finished products in the staff break room, and let the swell holiday shenanigans unfold. Oh come on, anyone who gets their panties in a bunch about humping gingerbread men should be sent to Sense of Humor Camp next year.

The naughty cookie cutters come in 4 playful positions. Let me say that again. The naughty cookie cutters come in 4 playful positions. Tuffin the muffin. Baking from behind. Over baking it. And very well risen. Mmmm let the culinary lechery ensue.

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