Midnight Scoop Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper

Posted: May 01, 2021
Midnight Scoop Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper
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According to Midnight Scoop, "YOU HAVE BEEN SCOOPING ICE CREAM WRONG." Like, wrong enough for the ergonomic ice cream scooper to be forceful and yelly about it. And it only gets better when they follow that statement up with an insult to your wrists, telling you you've been trying to pry up hard-ass ice cream with weak-ass wrists.

OK, I added the "ass"es.

Nonetheless, Midnight Scoop is taking the tough love route in trying to convince you to use their ergonomic ice cream scooper. Your reward for withstanding it: a delicious frozen treat piled high in a bowl that took no grunting, no pain, virtually no effort to get there.

Midnight Scoop says its ergonomic design is built around a pointed, weighted head and curved, grippy handle. While it doesn't look that different than a lot of other ice cream scoops to me, the design is supposed to allow you to pierce and push into ice cream, even hard-as-my-father-in-law's-head stuff straight from the freezer, using your arms and shoulders for more power and leverage. Midnight Scoop says it makes ice cream scooping easy even for people with carpal tunnel.

Or just those with weak-ass wrists like you.

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