Microwave Toaster

Posted: June 22, 2023
Microwave Toaster
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Confession: I do not own a toaster. Nor do I want to own a toaster. On average, I feel the need to toast bread about 3 times a year. Which is crazy, because I love toasted bread. I order it when I go out to breakfast all the time, in myriad forms, ranging from sourdough to bagel to baguette. But at home, I'm mostly happy eating it like my cookie dough. Raw.

However, when those average 3 times a year come around, my lack of a toaster, and stubbornness about buying another kitchen appliance to clog up my condo's already-in-demand countertop space, burns. And so too does my toast on my first attempt to makeshift toast it under the broiler in the oven.

And that, my dudes and ladies, is why we're here talking about this Microwave Toaster. Compact, simple, and ready to perform the grand trick of nuke-and-char, the clamshell design nestles your bread between a pair of grill plates that heat up and sear it to toasty goodness.

In addition to preparing single slices of sandwich bread for butter and jam, the Microwave Toaster is a great tool for making microwave grilled cheese sandwiches and paninis. It is heat-resistant up to 425 degrees F, and can also go in the oven.

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