Mellow Sous-Vide Cooker

Posted: April 30, 2014
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Mellow is about to make it a little easier for the average person to cook all fancy and pretentious. Wi-Fi connected and app-controlled, the forthcoming sous-vide machine will allow users to dump in a bag of uncooked grub at their leisure, tell it to keep it cold for hours, and then issue commands to cook the meal in a bath of low-temperature hot water to the sous-vide style's level of culinary perfection. So I guess think of Mellow as a souped-up slow cooker with an uppity French name. And advanced, user-friendly tech. And the ability to make dishes such as turbo-aged steak and retrograded potatoes, which I've never even heard of but would probably eat right up because I love any meal with the words "steak" and "potatoes" in them. And also the word "boobies".

The sous-vide cooking method Mellow has adopted entails sealing food in plastic bags and submerging them in a warm (around 130 to 140 degrees F) water bath to cook. Sometimes for days. The effect is a piece of protein or stack of vegetables that have been cooked completely evenly, inside and out, with an ideal and succulent balance of flavor and moisture. No juices or aromas are sacrificed in the process.

In most cases, cooking sous-vide is expensive and a pain in the ass. Mellow seeks to change that. By partnering with users' smartphones, Mellow can "take orders" to begin cooking at certain times, hold or change temperatures, and provide alerts of food status. With its built-in cooling system, Mellow will also maintain submerged food at refrigerator temperatures until a user is ready to begin heating it. Food preparation requires little more than filling the container with water and adding ingredients to a temperature-safe bag (vacuum sealer not required). Once deposited, Mellow's incorporated sensor will detect the food's weight and ask for instructions. It will also learn and store meal preferences, so a single smartphone screen tap will produce belly pleasers such as "Poached eggs, 8 a.m., soft."

The Mellow sous-vide machine cooks up to 6 portions of food. It has accompanying iOS and Android apps for smartphone connectivity. The company is currently accepting pre-orders in limited quantities for an anticipated release/ship date of early 2015.

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