Meat Seasoning Sticks

Posted: February 26, 2014
Meat Seasoning Sticks
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As all ladies who prefer older men know, nothing compares to well-seasoned meat. Particularly meat that has been infused with flavor from the inside. While rubs and marinades can slough off or lose their potency during cooking, Farberware's Seasoning Sticks inject savoriness that evenly permeates and remains within beef, pork, fish, or fowl as it cooks.

The sticks come in sets of 2, one 10" and the other 4-3/8" long. Each is fashioned with multiple perforations that deliver flavorings all throughout your favorite cut's insides during roasting, grilling, or smoking. To use, release a Seasoning Stick's clasp and fill the tube with minced herbs, garlic, finely-chopped onions, celery, peppercorns, or lemon zest. Tell your meat to brace for impact and jam the stick in fully until nothing shows but its pull ring. Once the meat has cooked and rested for 10 minutes, just yank on the pull ring and the stick will ease back out.

Individual Seasoning Sticks will flavor a roast or leg of lamb weighing up to 10 pounds, or a turkey up to 18 pounds. For heavier meats, use 2 sticks.

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