Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon

Posted: August 17, 2022
Mannkitchen Pepper Cannon
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Extreme grinding, anyone? Mannkitchen is frank in admitting their Pepper Cannon will unleash an "obscene amount of pepper" the first time you crank its aerospace grade aluminum head. Maybe too much pepper. Maybe enough pepper to ruin your steak. Orrrr force you to lay a second steak on top of the first and eat a double decker ribeye now seasoned Pepper Cannon perfectly. Seems like the right move for anyone who, as Mannkitchen reminds us, "willingingly purchased a product with the word 'cannon' in its name." A product that proudly produces 10 times the amount of ground pepper than other pepper mills.

Of course, you also have the option to decrease the coarseness of the Cannon's grind, and reel in your cranking.

Speaking of pepper coarseness, the Mannkitchen over-engineered a simple product on that Pepper Cannon front too. They say most pepper mills have a 12 to 28 mesh size grinding range, but the Cannon's high-carbon stainless steel burrs grind from 8 to 60+ mesh, or pepper dust to pepper shrapnel, with a quick turn of the bottom knob.

The Pepper Cannon stands 7.25" tall and weighs 1.07 pound empty. It has a 1/2-cup pepper capacity.

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