Magnetic Stove Shelf

Posted: June 11, 2017
Magnetic Stove Shelf
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Slap down a Stove Shelf - no, really, just slap the magnetic rack down on the back of your stove, installation complete - and give yourself some instant extra storage without sucking up extra space in your kitchen.

The Stove Shelf's magnets attach and secure it to either flat or curved stoves, without the need for drilling holds in your backsplash, or messing with screws or glues. In place, the shelf adds 30" of horizontal storage space, 3-1/2" deep. So perfect for spices, oils, remote meat thermometers, maybe even a tablet with your recipe and your glass of cook's juice (i.e., pale ale or a nice Chianti.)

The Stove Shelf is made of food-grade stainless steel, and comes in unfinished, plus black and white powder-coated options. For those like me whose stove's knobs and oven controls are on the front of the unit, with no extension at the back, you too are Stove Shelf SOL. But here are a whole big bunch of other nifty gifts for the kitchen you can check out instead.

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