Magnetic Refrigerator Rack

Posted: February 19, 2020
Magnetic Refrigerator Rack
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I like how the bottom shelf of this magnetic refrigerator rack is saving me precious cabinet and countertop space by storing...3 cans of Coca-Cola. Because, as luck would have it, my fridge itself holds only 21 cans, but the Aldi was having a sale on sodie by the case I just couldn't pass up. What? Leave the lingering 3 in my car or take them to work, shove them in the way, way back the pantry or under the bed so my wife can have the magnetic refrigerator rack space for the cooking oils and spices she needs to grab on the regular while making dinner?

Nah. My 3 cans of Coke got there first.

The magnetic refrigerator rack sports 2 storage shelves and 5 removable sliding hooks, with a pair of bamboo roller holders for paper towels, saran wrap, or foil layered between them. The rack itself is made of metal backed by 3 magnet covers. Adhered to any receptive surface, the unit can hold up to 22 pounds of kitchen goods. Or laundry room or bathroom items, should you decide to slap it onto your washing machine, or use the included screws to wall mount the rack.

Total dimensions are 18.1" tall x 12.6" wide x 5.2" deep.

The magnetic refrigerator rack is a great kitchen gift for anyone who needs some extra space in the key rooms of their home, and would probably make a particularly helpful addition to a tiny home.

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