Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set

Posted: March 07, 2019
Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set
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A Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set isn't going to change your life or anything. I mean, unless you use the utensils for non-cooking-related...activities...and end up causing a life-changing injury. Or for that matter, life-changing pleasure. But more reliably, the set of 4 common kitchen tools will save you some drawer and countertop space, and keep your spoons and spats at the ready for flipping burgers and pancakes, and stirring up your special sauce.

The Magnetic Cooking Utensil Set storage rack is bilaterally magnetic, so it will stick to a fridge, range vent hood, steel shelving, or any other magnetic surface in your kitchen without mounting hardware. The nubby ends of the utensils' thermoplastic rubber handles have stainless steel inserts that latch them into the depressions in the rack.

Utensil heads are made of nylon, heat-resistant to 400 degrees F, and won't scratch pans. Included are a turner spatula, large spoon, large slotted spoon, and silicone flex spatula.

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