Lodge Cast Iron Oven/Lid/Skillet Combo Cooker

Posted: April 18, 2018
Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker
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Strong, reliable, and versatile. Three words that describe Lodge's Cast Iron Combo Cooker. They also describe my mama. So do the words, "Makes really good toad-in-the-holes and beef stew." Ahem, remember I'm coming over on Sunday, Mama.

You've probably heard of Lodge cast iron, but if not, the company has over 120 years of forging under its belt, with Joseph Lodge founding his foundry in 1896. Then like today, Lodge specialized in items ranging from stoves to skillets to kitchen sinks.

OK, maybe their kitchen sinks aren't so popular anymore.

But Lodge skillets and Dutch ovens have always earned high marks for their quality, consistency, and, unlike Le Creuset, reasonable prices. This Cast Iron Combo Cooker is a great example: it's a 3.2-quart, long-handled Dutch oven with a lid that doubles as a 10-1/4" shallow skillet. The duo arrives pre-seasoned and ready to use, and at printing, the Combo Cooker was on sale for what Le Creuset would probably charge for shipping.

With all this talk of mamas and sales, and Mother's Day coming up, I should also mention the Lodge Cast Iron Combo Cooker would probably make a pretty good gift for Mom.

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